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Glittery Boys (IC)'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Glittery Boys (IC)

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Bad Habits - Understatement [09 Oct 2003|07:08pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Okay, he had a *few* bad habits. But that wasn't exactly anything to worry about...right? So beyond wrong. Besides the fact that he'd found himself asleep inches away from the whomping willow, he was perfectly all right. At least that's what he thought. After stumbling off the grounds, being yelled at by at *least* three teachers and crashing into a group of Hufflepuffs, he slammed right through the nearest break in the wall he could find. He froze. What--Where the HELL was he?! His brows rose as he looked around, the walls lined with several inviting beds, all of which having very appealing covers...NO! Nope! Out of the RoR and down the hall again. God was he--SLAM. Right into another person before falling to the ground, stone cold.

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OOC: Recap of Remus/Severus RP [08 Oct 2003|10:26pm]

So, just to let you all know, C and I screwed up and neither of us logged our last IM RP (which was rather good, just for the record). We don't feel like re-playing it, so I'm just going to give a quick summary of what happened. Remus found Sev in the library (as posted in the last entry) and they wandered back to Severus' dormitory. On the way, Remus expressed his concerns about the funny acrid scent he's been smelling on Sirius, and when they arrived in the Slytherin dormitories, Sev took him to have a wiff of Lucius' corner. Surprise surprise, they smelled identical. Of course, Remus was still clueless, so Severus had to explain (slowly and clearly) that Lucius had a few bad habits -- namely snorting a bit of coke. Once he put two and two together, Remus finally began to understand why Sirius had been avoiding him over break, why he smelled funny, etc. He was a bit distraught, to say the least, and a sickly-sweet little hurt-comfort drama ensued between him and Sev. Needless to say, at the end of it all, Severus convinced Remus (who was afraid of ruining his friendship with Sirius by making Sirius mad at him) to confront his idiot Gryffindor friend and try to get him to clean up his act. Remus left Severus with strict orders to get some sleep, and a promise to report back with the details of his confrontation with Sirius.

The end. xD
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[06 Oct 2003|11:06am]

What'd Severus been up to? Surprisingly, it was homework. Or, at least, it looked like homework. In the library (it seemed to be a popular place that week, wasn't it?) he held a book in his lap, sitting in a corner on the floor with his back to a wall. It was by far the heaviest book that'd ever been made, he decided. Cradling it carefully, he turned pages and pages, over and over, through the night and through his classes, not really caring if he missed them. This was more important.

Every now and then, he got up to find a different book, but mostly he was still. Big black bags under his eyes were starting to form from his lack of sleep, and his stomach was starting to sound like a banshee, but he kept flipping through until he found what he was looking for. On the page, he stared at it for an hour at least - of course it had to be the most complicated Potion known to wizardkind - until he fell asleep, his cheek resting right underneath the 'L' in the word Wolfsbane.
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[06 Oct 2003|11:02am]

He didn't know what was going on lately - he hadn't seen Sirius all day, and he was feeling.. things. He'd tried to talk to Lucius Malfoy about it - it'd seemed like the right thing to do at the time - but that only left him more confused, and more.. he wasn't sure what it was.

Either way, Sky was experiencing a few things for the first time. Well, maybe not the first time, but it was stronger than ever before. And, to be honest - he wasn't sure why - but he was starting to have a great appreciation for a certain blonde Slytherin.

So there he sat, in the library, looking almost angsty, but more thoughtful, staring at the wall in front of him. He absolutely had to figure out what was going on. What would Sirius say if he knew what was going on inside Sky's head? They were boyfriends, they had to tell each other absolutely everything, right?

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[30 Sep 2003|11:21pm]

There had been a full moon only a few days before the end of winter hols, and Remus was still feeling a bit tired from it. Winter was a notoriously bad time of the year for werewolves, because the cold fuddled up their heightened senses, and it meant that he spent a lot of time indoors. Even more than he would have been simply trying to avoid the cold and wet of the snow.

As a result, he was on close quarters with most of Gryffindor tower for a prolonged period of time. That, combined with the fact that his sense of smell was heightened around that time of the month, meant that he made a few interesting discoveries. This included, but was not limited to, the fact that Lily Evans wore cherry-scented lipgloss as a result of her latest conquest, the realisation that Peter was studying more (because he smelled very strongly of ink), and the fact that Sirius was constantly surrounded by a cloud of something that smelled very strongly, but that Remus couldn't place.

After a few days, the mysterious identity of the scent had gotten him into such a state of agitation that he finally managed to corner Sirius in their dorm room with the purpose of demanding an explanation. So when Sirius sat in front of the mirror fixing his eyeliner, Remus stepped up behind him, leaning in for a cursory sniff of his cheek, and then looking up to meet his eyes in the mirror. "What is it ..?" he asked pointedly, and waited for Sirius to fill him in on whatever he was up to.
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In which Remus tells all. [29 Sep 2003|11:51pm]

Log: Remus/SeverusCollapse )
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[28 Sep 2003|10:37pm]

Remus hadn't actually left Hogwarts for winter holidays -- he never did. It wasn't that he wasn't wanted at home, but more that he chose not to put himself through that shite. It was a joke, really, the idea of family. His mother was afraid of him, his father resented his existence, and his brother was in St. Mungo's, so what was the point? It wasn't worth going home to pretend to be some sort of happy-go-lucky family like on the telly. It was easier on them all if he just stayed away.

So he spent Christmas at Hogwarts, with Sirius most of the time, unless his mother forced him to leave, and then Remus spent it alone. This year, Sirius had stayed, and they'd had fun, of course, even by their loneselves. Strangely enough, he'd missed Severus more than James or Peter. That was certainly a first.

Which was why he was in the Great Hall for the first meal, actually. He'd already seen James and Peter, and he wasn't really hungry (the full moon had only been a week prior, and it always threw his metabolism off a bit). The only excuse he had to be there for Dumbledore's little welcome-back-from-holidays speech was to be social. Which he wasn't. Really, he was just looking for a glimpse of Severus.

So he sat there in his soft blue corduroys and black tee, rolling a lollipop between his lips and trying to watch the door inconspicuously. The silver platforms that he'd borrowed (from Sirius) tapped out a staccato beat to "Baby's On Fire," which had stuck like glue in his head ever since Sirius procured the record. Every so often, amber eyes would roll in his friends' direction, only to slide moments later back to the door. Waiting for Severus to make his arrival.
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A bit topsy? [28 Sep 2003|08:50pm]

::Okay, so he'd gotten a bit of fun in on the train. It was the 70's right? Which gave him a perfect excuse to get drunk and smoke a bit on the ride back, having had full intention of forgetting what had happened over Christmas break. All of the Slytherin girls had been plotting the demise of his leather pants, but, ha! He was wearing them. And either he'd grown or they'd shrunk, because they were more resembling Sev's than his usuals. His loosely tied boots were thumping along the top of the table as he got the upper hand in a fist fight with MacNair. His silver-clad wrist came in sharp contact with MacNair's jaw as he toppled over onto the table and Lucius did a sort of jig-of-victory::
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[28 Sep 2003|09:44pm]

Stabbing out his cigarette on his open-palm, Severus stepped off the train, flicking away the butt with a disconcerned grunt. Heeled boots thudded on the ground as he made his way up to the castle. To say the very least, it'd been a shitty, shitty vacation. Two more tattoos, and a new peircing - both, of course, were against his will, but he'd never admit to that. This time, he a snake inked around each bicep, and his labret was peirced. The skin below his lip. Without another thought, he moved through the double doors, toward the Great Hall. Time for some brooding, then that night, maybe get back to some of his old tricks.
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Back to school... [28 Sep 2003|09:37pm]

Schuyler skipped off the train and onto Hogwarts Grounds. He could hardly wait to get back to see his friends - especially Sirius, of course. Clad in a brand new outfit - he'd gone shopping, looking especially for clothes that he thought Sirius would like. Exhibit A: a pair of almost-tight blue jeans, and a white tee shirt, with two red cherries on the chest. Lashes were brushed carefully with a little bit of glitter, and that was all - nothing else, the fourth year boy didn't need any other make-up. He'd had a wonderful vacation, and was back at Hogwarts, ready to learn and do work and hang out with his brand new boyfriend.
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[28 Sep 2003|06:31pm]

Sirius was sitting at the Gryffindor table, or rather, on top of it, in the Great Hall eating a bowl of cherries. Ooh baby. Slender legs were crossed dainty-as-you-please at the knee, platform encased feet tapping to the inaudible song playing in his head. Hips shifted every now and again, red satin making him slide slightly on the polished wood. He was wearing a white shirt today. A teeny tiny white t-shirt with red block letters reading `The Venus in Furs` across the front. Lovely day for popping cherries... into your mouth. -cough-Sky-cough-
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Lucius...um. COMES IN. :D [28 Sep 2003|06:55pm]

::Mhmm. Life couldn't really get any more horrible. He'd be returning to the castle with three more scars and a fresh cut up his arm, oh how loving his parents were. But he wasn't exactly in the mood for caring, ( as beyond usual ), as he made a quick stop to see the Hospital Wing yet again. Having been healed a bit, left with scars instead of blood, he was content as he made his way toward the Great Hall for a bit of food...that was, of course, if he'd even eat. Perhaps he'd just sit there for a bit and watch all the glittery things floating about. Hugging his leather jacket closer around him, he finished off the stairs and pushed through the set of double-doors.::
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