Anne (defectiveghost) wrote in wilde_wizards,

A bit topsy?

::Okay, so he'd gotten a bit of fun in on the train. It was the 70's right? Which gave him a perfect excuse to get drunk and smoke a bit on the ride back, having had full intention of forgetting what had happened over Christmas break. All of the Slytherin girls had been plotting the demise of his leather pants, but, ha! He was wearing them. And either he'd grown or they'd shrunk, because they were more resembling Sev's than his usuals. His loosely tied boots were thumping along the top of the table as he got the upper hand in a fist fight with MacNair. His silver-clad wrist came in sharp contact with MacNair's jaw as he toppled over onto the table and Lucius did a sort of jig-of-victory::
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